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31. května 2013 v 9:35 | Filmuška |  About Me
Ako ste si mohli vsimnut rozhodla som sa podopľňať čo najviac rubrík. Začnem seriálmi, doplním o nich info, soundtracky a podobne. Teraz keď je pauza všetkych seriálov je myslím na to ideálny čas. Sú to pre mňa ideálne rýchle články na rozbeh blogu a najmä mám stále skúškové. Verím, že vám to nevadí a počkáte si aj na plnohodnotnejšie články. Skúste poprípade napísať, čo by ste chceli o niektorých seriáloch vedieť, alebo aký serál/sitcom vám tu chýba.

1x12 Unpleasantville

30. května 2013 v 20:50 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. We Barbarians "There's This There's That"

02. Systems Officer "Pacer"

03. The Misfits "This Magic Moment"

04. Rogue Wave "Everyday"

05. Jef Scot "Dreams Are For The Lucky"

06. U.S. Royalty "Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix)"

07. The Misfits "Runaway"

08. Autovaughn "Everybody"

09. Jacko Marcellino "Slow Dance"

10. The Misfits "Great Balls Of Fire"

11. The Raveonettes "My Boyfriend's Back"

12. St. Leonards "Now That We've Grown"

13. Oranger "Mr. Sandman"

1x11 Bloodlines

30. května 2013 v 20:50 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. Florence + The Machine "Cosmic Love"

02. Editors "An End Has A Start"

03. The Dandelions "On A Mission"

04. Black Mustang "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

05. The Black Hollies "Can't Stop These Tears (From Falling)"

06. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions "Trouble"

07. The Steps "Push"

08. The Upsidedown "Pepper Spray"

09. The Stereotypes "The Night Before"

10. The Dig "Look Inside"

11. Alex Band "Only One"

12. Julian Casablancas "Out Of The Blue"

13. The Bell "Nothing Is Logical"

1x10 The Turning Point

30. května 2013 v 20:47 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. Five For Fighting

02. Telekinesis "Coast of Carolina"

03. The Features "Off Track"

04. Plumb "Cut"

05. Tyrone Wells "This is Beautiful"

1x09 History Repeating

30. května 2013 v 19:54 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. Echo & The Bunnymen "Think I Need It Too"

02. Pablo Sebastian "Lies"

03. Idlewild "Post Electric"

04. The Bravery "The Spectator"

05. Great Northern "Houses"

06. Barcelona "Come Back When You Can"

1x08 162 Candles

30. května 2013 v 19:52 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. The Birthday Massacre "Happy Birthday"

02. Pete Yorn "Thinking Of You"

03. Tiesto feat. Tegan & Sara "Feel It In My Bones"

04. Tiesto feat. CC Sheffield "Escape Me"

05. Telekinesis "Tokyo"

06. Mike Sheridan and Mads Langer "Too Close"

07. Fauxliage "All The World"

08. The Black Box Revelation "Love In Your Head"

09. Switchfoot "Yet"

1x07 Haunted

30. května 2013 v 19:49 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. Gary Go "Open Arms"

02. Final Flash "Fading Light"

03. The Sounds "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake"

04. White Lies "To Lose My Life"

05. The Longcut "Open Hearts"

06. The Dodos "Fables"

07. Bat For Lashes "Sleep Alone"

08. Sanders Bohlke "The Weight of Us"

1x06 Lost Girls

30. května 2013 v 19:47 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. A Fine Frenzy
"Stood Up"

02. Editors "Weight of the World"

03. The Temper Trap "Fader"

04. Anberlin "Enjoy the Silence" (Depeche Mode cover)

05. Green Day "21 Guns"

06. Jason Walker "Down"

07. Rie Sinclair "(Lover) What's Going On" Pieseň v traileri na diel

1x05 You´re Undead To Me

28. května 2013 v 18:13 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. Union of Knives "Opposite Direction"

02. Santigold "I'm a Lady"

03. Carolina Liar "I'm Not Over"

04. Thievery Corporation "Shadows of Ourselves"

05. VV Brown "Back in Time"

06. Sofi Bonde "Fallout"

07. Glass Pear "Wild Place"

08. Matt Nathanson "All We Are"

09. The Submarines "Brightest Hour" (Morgan Page Remix)

10. Viva Voce "Believer"

1x04 Family Ties

28. května 2013 v 8:53 | Filmuška |  TVD- songs

01. Imogen Heap "Wait It Out"

02. S.O.Stereo "When a Heart Breaks"

03. Howie Day "Be There"

04. 3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me"

05. Gabriella Cilmi "Save the Lies"

06. Anjulie "Boom"

07. Mads Langer "Beauty of the Dark"